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City Academy School

Challenge: City Academy School, a large secondary school in urban London, faced a significant challenge in maximizing the use of their multipurpose hall. With limited space and a growing student population, the school needed a versatile seating solution that could accommodate various events, including assemblies, performances, and sports activities.

Solution: Retractable Seating partnered with City Academy School to install a retractable seating system in their multipurpose hall. The system featured telescopic platforms with padded seats, allowing the school to quickly and easily transform the space from a gymnasium to an auditorium or assembly hall as needed. The retractable seating system also provided additional storage space underneath, optimizing the use of the facility.

Outcome: With the new retractable seating system in place, City Academy School saw a significant improvement in the flexibility and functionality of their multipurpose hall. The school was able to host a wide range of events more efficiently, accommodating larger audiences while maintaining comfort and safety. The versatile seating solution enhanced the overall student experience and contributed to a more vibrant and dynamic learning environment.

Riverside College

Challenge: Riverside College, a bustling further education college in a suburban area, was in need of a seating solution for their newly constructed lecture theatre. The college required a flexible seating arrangement that could accommodate varying class sizes and teaching formats while optimizing the use of space.

Solution: Retractable Seating worked closely with Riverside College to design and install a retractable seating system in their lecture theatre. The system featured tiered seating with ergonomic chairs and integrated writing tablets, providing students with a comfortable and functional learning environment. The retractable seating system was equipped with motorized mechanisms for easy deployment and retraction, allowing the college to adapt the seating configuration quickly to suit different teaching requirements.

Outcome: The installation of the retractable seating system transformed the lecture theatre at Riverside College into a versatile and adaptable space. The college experienced improved utilization of the facility, with the ability to accommodate larger classes, seminars, and guest lectures with ease. The flexible seating solution enhanced the learning experience for students and faculty alike, fostering engagement and collaboration in a modern and inviting environment.

University in Cardiff

Challenge: A leading research university in a major city, sought to upgrade the seating in their main lecture hall to enhance comfort, accessibility, and aesthetics. The university desired a seating solution that would reflect their commitment to excellence in education and provide a positive experience for students, faculty, and visitors.

Solution: Retractable Seating collaborated with the university to design and install a custom retractable seating system in their main lecture hall. The system featured premium upholstered seats with integrated cup holders and power outlets, offering students enhanced comfort and convenience during lectures and seminars. The retractable seating system was configured to maximize seating capacity while maintaining clear sightlines and accessibility throughout the hall.

Outcome: The installation of the retractable seating system elevated the lecture hall at the university to a new standard of excellence. The upgraded seating enhanced the university’s reputation as a modern and innovative institution, providing students with a first-class learning environment. The university saw increased attendance and engagement in lectures, seminars, and events held in the lecture hall, contributing to a vibrant academic community and enriching the overall campus experience.

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